Places to Elope in Orange County, California 2024

Places to Elope In Orange County, California

Hey there, beautiful bride-to-be (or groom)! Are you feeling the excitement building for the adventure of a lifetime amidst the stunning landscapes of Orange County, California? Imagine this: your perfect ceremony unfolding against the backdrop of breathtaking coastal views, lush gardens, or funky urban scenes. Whether you’re dreaming of saying “I do” by the shimmering sea or surrounded by the whimsical beauty of a garden oasis, Orange County has an abundance of enchanting locations just waiting to make your elopement absolutely unforgettable!

Get ready to capture every single moment because we’re about to reveal the absolute best elopement spots in Orange County. Each one is bursting with its own special charm, promising to turn your big day into a visual masterpiece. With stunning photographs that you’ll cherish forever, your love story will truly shine amidst the magic of Orange County’s most captivating backdrops!

First things first! Here is a quick list on what to do first:

  1. Choose a date (Lucky for you, California has beautiful weather year-around!!!)
  2. Apply for a marriage license 
  3. Choose your Photographer (Lets chat!!)

Orange County Elopements + Weddings

Laguna Beach Elopement 

Crystal Cove & Newport Beach Wedding 

Dana Point Elopement 

San Clemente Elopement 

San Juan Capistrano Wedding

Here are my top Orange County, California location recommendations for you: 

Laguna Beach

Laguna is one of the most picturest places in Southern California with so many secret spots. With beautiful cliff sides and gorgeous beach spots, and hiking spots… Laguna Beach is definitely a show stopper! Laguna Beach also has a fun downtown area with amazing restaurants, a courthouse and fun places for photos!

Dana Point

Known for a beautiful harbor at Killer Dana and beautiful beaches, Dana Point is a great spot for amazing views and easy access! There are also a few beautiful cliffs overlooking the ocean with incredible views! You also have theto hop on a paddle board, sail boat or use enjoy a stroll at theocean institute!

Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove is a very beautiful location with a lot of beautiful, secluded spots. What is great about this spot is you need additional permits which gives you an even more private experience! I can definitely help with the permit process!

Huntington Beach

If you love large stretches of sand, fun restaurants and a rad pier this place is for you!

Newport Beach

Newport Beach is a known for balboa beach, lido, and the famous wedge! It’s fun, hip and has so much to do!

South Orange County

South Orange County is known for it’s beautiful hilltops and fields! There are so many beautiful and private trails for ceremonies.

San Juan Capistrano 

San Juan Capistrano has so much rich history and as a fun, western, classy vibe! The mission is an absolutely stunning place to take photos as well as downtown!

San Clemente 

San Clemente is an absolute hidden gem! There are so many beautiful trails with some unreal secluded beaches! The Pier is a fun touch with great restaurants and photo worthy photos!

Orange County Elopement Cost Breakdown

Most weddings in Orange County are an average of $50,000. This doesn’t always include travel, hotels, and rehearsal dinner. Elopements can absolutely help bring down the cost of getting married. There are so many different ways to elope and I wanted to share a breakdown of the 3 most popular costs for eloping! These stats are based off of the average elopement couples. Some elopements do include some guests! Use this as a guide and customize it for YOU! That is what is so amazing about eloping!!!

Mini Elopement                                                   Mid Price Elopement                                         High End Elopement           

(Based off of a 3-day stay)                                    (Based off of a 3-day stay)                                      (Based off of a 3-day stay) 

Travel/Plane: $650                                                    Travel/Plane: $650                                                  Travel/Plane: $650

Rental Car: $300                                                        Rental Car: $300                                                      Rental Car: $300

Hotel/Airbnb: $600                                                  Hotel/Airbnb: $600                                                 Hotel/Airbnb: $600

Florals: $100                                                               Florals: $200                                                              Florals: $250

Wedding Dress/Suit: $600                                      Wedding Dress/Suit: $600                                     Wedding Dress/Suit: $700

Food (3 nights): $500                                                Food (3 nights): $750 (4 guests)                           Food (3 nights): $1200 (5-10 guests)

Officiant: $500                                                            Officiant: $500                                                          Officiant: $500

Hair/Make-up: $250                                                   Hair/Make-up: $250                                                Hair/Make-up: $250

Photographer: $1200-$2400                                    Photographer: $5,200                                             Photographer: $7,200

Total: $5,900                                                               Total: $9,050                                                       Total: $11,650


Here are a few ways to save a little more on your elopement day:

  1. Have a friend or family officiant your elopement. It is a great way to include loved ones!
  2. Do your own hair or makeup (Or both!). You can absolutely customize if you want H&M or just one service!
  3. Need help planning your elopement? Don’t worry!!! I got you!!! I help plane your most exclusive, intimate, unforgettable elopement!

I am SO excited for you to consider eloping in Orange County! It can feel so overwhelming, but I hope this helped you feel more at ease with taking the next step to choosing your date and making your most memorable day happen!


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