You’ve decide to elope and now comes the fun part of dreaming out the details of your day to make them a reality. The when and the where is the place to start. Even more than picking a date, though, the venue is what will shape the look and feel of your wedding day. 

Here’s the thing, a setting is more than the background in your photos. The place you pick is what makes the whole vibe of the wedding. Think of what background and style you want for your photos that will be up in your home for years to come. You want all of that to reflect you. 

Pictures are the perfect present to yourselves. I mean, honestly, everyone receives at least one gift you wish you hadn’t (think ceramic cotton ball holder), but a beautiful photo of your day is a gift you’ll enjoy every time you glance at it. On the happiest day of your life, you’ll be glammed up and glowing and there’s no better time to be captured on film. 

Let’s talk details. The good news is that if you’re eloping, you’re opening up your options. Typically, wedding day photography only includes the getting ready time and the ceremony/reception. For your elopement day, you can add a romantic morning session or a cozy-on-the-couch afternoon session. It’s all about what makes your day perfect and what you want out of it. And whatever you decide, I’m here to make your wishes come true!  

These two had a full day of adventuring in Yosemite, but also took some time to relax and during the afternoon I was able to capture a super romantic, in home session. And it was HOTTTTT! Yosemite is a perfect & dreamy location to elope! The location offers so many airB&B options as well! Are you ready to book your Yosemite Elopement?

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