I am engaged- what do I do now??

There’s the wondering and waiting, the hopes and dreams, and then you finally find that you’re a fiancé.

An engagement is an exciting time and being a fiancée is pretty fabulous, if we’re being honest. It’s a swirl of sparkly details and big decisions that will determine what your big day will look like. And as thrilling as it is to live in a land of tulle and dreams, it can also be immensely overwhelming. So, if you feel that way, that’s okay. 

Like anything that’s worth the work, all a girl needs is a pile of dreams and a plan to get it done. So, I’ve compiled a short list of the “Four B’s” that are tips for you to use as a starting point. So sit back, read on, and start to feel like you’ve got this whole Future Mrs. thing down. 



Set a Budget

The thing is, a budget is only worth something if you stick with it. Whether you feel limited or not by your numbers, have complete confidence that you can still make the wedding magic happen. It just takes creativity and an openness to a variety of ideas. In the end, you’ll still be living your best wife life, but you’ll be so glad you didn’t break the bank. 

Set Your Boundaries

This is often the hard one because “you do you” is suddenly more difficult when it means you force yourself to let go of everyone’s opinions and choose you. Don’t be a bridezilla, but be honest and clear with everyone what roles you’d like for them to have. Each person, from your future spouse to a member of the wedding party, should know exactly what is being asked of them. You’ll thank me later.

Set Your Big 3 (the top three non-negotiables)

Every girl has non-negotiables when it comes to the day she’s going to walk down that aisle. You might not even know what yours are, but grab a journal and find a sunny spot to think out what matters the absolute most to you for your wedding.

Set the Big Day (aka your wedding date)

It probably seems obvi, but the date is the place all the other plans are built on. Consider the weather, the wedding colors, and where you are thinking. Make sure it’s the date that works best for both of you and then go from there with weaving the wedding magic!


As a recent bride, I can vouch that sticking to these four things will save you a lot of stress and give you more time for your bridal beauty rest. It really worked for me and it will for you! Happy planning, you beautiful brides!  


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