A warm breeze. Open skies. Brilliant sunshine offset by shades of neutrals in the background. The desert is an exquisite place of exotic flora and natural beauty all around. It certainly isn’t your run-of-mill place for a standard wedding you see in a movie, and it might be just what you’re looking for.


If you consider yourself boho or you are looking for a niche location that suits a natural, minimalist style, consider having your wedding in Palm Springs. A mere two hours out from Orange County, it’s a destination for a wedding that is doable for guests and still has an other-world feel once you’re surrounded by stretches of sand, hot springs, and hills across the horizon. 


Palm trees line the walkways, and exclusive eateries and hotels offer the best of the desert. It’s classy but understated. It’s popular but not overcrowded. I mean, there’s a reason it’s been the jewel-of-the-desert getaway for celebs for decades. Now, it’s a vintage spot with reminiscent details the Golden Age of the 60’s and a mid-century vibe in the detail of the real estate architecture.


I grew up going to Palm Springs for vacation and it gave me a love for the desert I’ll never lose. There’s a certain freedom in the air and the open space there that is perfect for creating the desert wedding of your dreams. The simple, neutral palette of the setting means you can add colors and details to your day that singularly suit you.


You could get married out on the green of one of the gorgeous golf courses or under the palm fronds in a quiet spot. You can make it a wedding weekend and have guests at a hotel, host a happy hour the day before, and give a glamorous after-party by the pool under a blanket of stars. There are so many possibilities and your Palms Springs wedding is yours for the taking. 

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